My 50 pips a day strategy trading FOREX – Part 2!!! AndyW V-Signal Tactic

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Hello friends,
Just like you, I was also a new trader in the past looking for Forex success.
With my long terms of experience, I can say that I find Plus500 trading platform the simplest, most reliable, and above all – regulated.
In addition, I have created a small website for traders who want to see my trading strategy.
I will try to help each and every one of you (Please don’t be offended if I take long to reply).


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14 Responses

  1. Jie Borg says:

    Well Done , Andy!!!Thats about you, and never giver up, good Personality, you make 123 pips today

  2. ali seb says:

    I have been using And's 50 day pip strategy and all i can say is that Andy system works and proven and the staff are very friendly and helpful i recommended it to anyone

  3. Abd Badran says:

    It works good on 1 hr chart .thank u

  4. SAM M says:

    i tried to sign up but there is a payment of 179 per month , thats ridiculous

  5. jagjit ghag says:

    I have been using Andys's service for a month now, and I am really happy with the service, and of course the results are amazing!!!!!!!!! It is totally worth it, I highly recommend Andy's service to everyone, you won't be disappointed.

  6. First week with Andy's service and i am very happy. Andys service is consistant and it will make your trading experience a good one.

  7. I just wanted to leave a quick review of Andy's 50 Pips a day service. Very impressed with his trading, service, and staff. I was shocked when I received a phone call from his staff after the first week of service,  to see if everything was ok and if I had any questions. I would recommend his service to anyone looking to follow a GREAT Forex Trader who lays everything out in simple, Layman's terms.

  8. 3 Weeks using Andy's service and very happy to do it, cause my account is on GREEN.
    Of course trading, is a long run game, and needs to manage money with a substanable strategy, and a lot depends also on your own discipline, and the consistence of the capital you use to trade. But… this is the best signal service ever tested in 5 years of day trading experience. Keep on board guys, it deserve the price enterely!

  9. have sent you a message on whats-app but you have not replied me

  10. Eric Lb says:

    you call that double bottom , triple bottom, head and shoulder patterns

  11. bert carri says:

    I checked your website but seems at stall, you had another video and sent you a message, hopefully you can reply

  12. Good video but it will be better if you tell the viewers about the instrument and the date and time frame so that people watching your video can understand it better.

  13. Is your 6 day moving average just a moving average or a simple moving average? what do you set as your source? On a moving average what do you set your source to?

  14. hi andy , nice video. i have a question to start up for you 50 pip strategy how mutch to start whit ? is 5000 usd to small ? i see sometimes is drawdown like 400-500 pips but is only like 2 times in 2 year so.. happy trading. / Mike

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