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My unbiased Plus500 review 😀 hope you guys enjoy and check out the site.

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36 Responses

  1. Taco Bell says:

    Total scam. These guys are based in Israel with an office in Cyprus, far from the reach of the law. Routinely con "clients" (ie: victims) and are notorious for not paying when asked. It's a spread betting operation where the customer is not just battling the market, but also Plus500. Scum.

  2. Envious Fred says:

    Yet another SCAMMED customer here. I have dealt with this type of company before (IG, 24Option) etc. They think that they can rig the game to suit them, keep your money, fake slippages, using a Russian exchange to give fake prices in their favor. Some rubbish about my address being wrong even though I gave them drivers license and passport copies. Absolute thieves. They will be sorry for I will go to the FCA and the London Stock Exchange; then if still no joy, I will multiple-post every Forex review site, FB, Twitter, Reddit etc etc etc until I lose them more than the money they are trying to steal from me. WATCH THIS SPACE…20-6-2017. BTW IG and 24Options gave me refunds and so will PLUS500. AVOID THEY ARE A RIP-OFF. HOW DO THEY SLEEP AT NIGHT?

  3. that's called spread betting when you don't actually pay for the whole stock

  4. "I should probably short oil. But I don't know what shorting is, so I'm probably not going to do that" 😂

  5. Kashif Qr says:

    Its approved bye FCA so how can it be SCAM
    Please get a life

  6. ReRe Silva says:

    i hear coca cola is good to invest in.

  7. This is big cheaters , see this link£250000-plus500uk-limited-plus500-and-james-sharp-and

  8. Jake Andrews says:

    it would be great of you could include a video on how to sell the stocks made

  9. plus500 is scam i was making money now I can't log in

  10. Alex wuong says:

    I want to use this medium to appreciate one of the worlds most successful Forex expert, Mr Andrey Morris, your strategy has made me what i am today, i make 18K weekly, am grateful sir

  11. Wow, you're so uninformed…

  12. the title you use for this video is a littlebit misleading if you take a look at what you actually do in the video.

  13. Oceans Tweba says:

    is it a scam or what sir

  14. they give you 30 dollars free.. you have 35 dollars. you made five dollars. good for you champ!

  15. Joel kack says:

    how do i sell my stocks?

  16. You also need to accumulate 100 points before you can redraw your profit. 1 point = 1 trade. So you need to make 100 trades before you can get your profit.

  17. Anon73618 says:

    Plus500 is a scam. Do some research. They have closed a lot of accounts when they made a lot of money. Stay away at all cost.

  18. Plus500 is a big scam. Just read in their terms and conditions the fact that they take their info from 3rd entities, that can change the price that they send, and after all that, Plus500 can do that ALSO. The real price of the market can be one and they can show a different one.The market can have a real chart of prices, but Plus 500 will have another one. The way they trick people is that they change the price in such a way that they catch their customers in positions so they can lose. It's the only company that you can't speak with the people there, they are all hiding behind the terms and conditions that nobody understands in the true sense, and they have an army of lawyers to protect them. There are so many other platform out there with people willing to help, with communities of traders talking, and better deals for customers. I've been la customer here for years and now i've just realised the mistake i've made. Please don't do the same mistake.

  19. yeah what do you suggest to invest in?? at what time??

  20. Jan Jos says:

    How can i get the monny from plus 500 on my bank account ?

  21. Rhys Bower says:

    What when it goes into minus in your stock do you have to pay money +BLP

  22. Everybody thinks that will be a millionares you have to have skills for that you can't just buy and sell.You have to know what is the good time to buy and sell.You need time.

  23. How do you sell a stock on here??? Do you just close the position?

  24. what is the best time to buy and sell. and what is the best share to buy.

  25. leexr2i says:

    Oil goes up and down all day long.. Set it up to by at a low rate and sell at a set profit.. Easy money

  26. Beto OH says:

    Hi, what does the "Orders" tab stand??

  27. and i have 25€ bonus

  28. this are traiding points which i ment

  29. hi m8, i have one question how much money will i be ale to withdrw when i get 100/100 points??? pls write ome on hamer.nejc @gmail,.com

  30. lima vundus says:

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  31. You always in the negative when you invest your opening balance is always higher or lower than when you place your investment other wise your causing huge instant profits and instant loses creating high volatility

  32. Mike James says:

    How to Earn Online Money For Free, seebestsurvey4u. com

  33. Plus500

    A SCAM COMPANY …. People stay away of this

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